Daniel Lippert - City in the Clouds (Limited LP + CD)

Vinyl record, limited edition on sky blue vinyl with 16 pages color art book plus CD.

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Product description LP:

- first edition on colored 180g vinyl (blue, transparent marbled)

- limited to 500 pieces (imprinted number)

- every record is unique

- 16 pages color art book

- audiophile production

- free MP3 download of the complete album

- on demand with autograph in the art book (choose "signed - yes" at the top of this site)

- incl. the singles "Secrets of the Forest", "Chambers of Stone" (album version) and "City in the Clouds" (album version)

Product description CD:

- first edition in super jewelbox

- 16 pages artwork booklet

- audiophile production

- on demand with autograph in the booklet (choose "signed - yes" at the top of this page)

- incl. the singles "Secrets of the Forest", "Chambers of Stone" (album version) and "City in the Clouds" (album version)


01. Sea Mist (1:36)

02. Afternoon at the Shore (4:38)

03. Calm Summer Breeze (4:53)

04. Flight into the Night Sky (4:30)

05. City in the Clouds (4:41)

06. Playground Meadows (4:05)

07. Fire Under Water (3:48)

08. Ultramarine Passage (1:45)

09. Chambers of Stone (3:40)

10. Secrets of the Forest (5:36)

11. The Cave of Eternal Winter (5:01)

12. Gazing at the Stars (6:16)



The music on the album “City in the Clouds” has so many facettes: Calm, tranquil pieces that feature piano and strings are followed by powerful electric guitar sounds that carry a sense of departure and invite to adventure. Mystical pan flute melodies bing you into faraway places, playful ocarina melodies awake childhood memories, and contemplative synthesizer tones induce goose bumps and maybe even tears.

While listening to the music, you literally experience a wondrous fantasy world, from which you don’t want to return to reality.

All songs on the album have something in common, though: They spread a fascinating atmosphere that conjures fantastic imagery and instantly fuels the listener’s imagination. Because there are no vocals or text in the whole album, the listener has a lot of space to explore here and maybe can live his own adventure.

Release: 29th November 2013


This product is also available as CD, LPMP3 or FLAC.


Note: The preview samples are taken from the CD version. Every record looks different. We don't offer satisfaction or money back.


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